Here it is, the first recipe! As mentioned in yesterday’s post, this came to me from the blog Eat, Live, Run (link will follow below). I didn’t get to it last night due to a long rehearsal and needing to eat leftovers, but it worked perfectly for this evening.

The estimated time on this is 45 minutes – but for me it was closer to 2 hours. The process itself is not labor intensive, it is simply that I am slow at kitchen prep (cutting onions, cleaning the chicken, etc.). It was, however, well worth the time and the mountain of dishes that it created. The paprika and cayenne pepper gave it just the right amount of heat for my taste, and the sauce came out creamy and smooth. And the dumplings, oh my goodness…I’ve never made true homemade dumplings before, but I think I’ve found my new favorite starchy food. It’s entirely possible I would make a batch of dumplings and this sauce and eat that straight out of the pan.

Please enjoy this picture, excusing the not-great quality of light. I know, I know, it looks like orange mush – BUT it is delicious orange mush! And fairly easy! My upstairs neighbor was even texting me, asking what wonderful smells were wafting up from down here.

So until we eat again, au revoir!

Chicken Paprika with Homemade Dumplings