Happy New Year internets! And for anyone of the old world tradition that observes/marks/notices Russian/Ukranian/etc Christmas, Merry Christmas!

I am a graduate student, slowly making my way through two Master’s programs. And as of 11:30am this morning, I am unemployed. So I am doing what every newly-unemployed person does: start a blog! (Please note: I am in no way suggesting that this is a joke, or that all bloggers are unemployed or not gainfully employed in some way. I know of plenty of folks who do this thing for a living, and that is CRAZY. I am being sarcastic, folks. I need some sarcasm today)

I like to cook some, but bake more. I have a camera with which to take pictures. And I need a way to fight winter bleahs and the comings and goings of depression, so perhaps this will fit the bill. In any event, it should be a fun project to at least make a stab at starting. Maybe it will even help with academic, historical fiction, and (gasp) fanfiction writing.

I even have a first recipe planned! Tonight I shall be trying Chicken Paprika, from the blog Eat, Live, Run. Looks simple enough, I only need a few ingredients, and it shouldn’t break the bank (being unemployed now, I have to worry about things like that again. JOY.). Expect the recipe (with credit) and a photo or two of my own either tonight or sometime tomorrow!